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Which is better – COPE or BYOD?

By Benjamin Robbins – Bring your own device (BYOD) has enamored many organizations. It has introduced several positive forces into the enterprise with the supposed promise of cost savings, employee satisfaction, and productivity. However, reality has proven to be otherwise. As many organizations struggle with implementing a BYOD program, others wonder if there is an alternative…[read more]


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ICYMI – Panel: Mobile Apps – The Danger of Making Security an Afterthought

SecurityAfterthoughtThe BYOD phenomenon has resulted in the need to accept personal mobile devices on corporate networks with the expected security risks. Listen to the panel of experts as they discuss the top of mind issues for security officers:

– technical approaches to identifying security vulnerabilities
– methods of embedding security into the application life cycle
– research efforts to ensure application security technologies keep pace with latest threats and vulnerabilities
– approaches for scaling testing across an enterprise

The panelists:

Benjamin Robbins, Principal, Palador (moderator)
Diana Kelley, Application Security Strategist, IBM
Brian Katz, Director and Head of Mobility Engineering, Sanofi
David Rogers, Founder, Copper Horse Solutions Ltd

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