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Speed up Your Mobile App Dev Productivity with tiggzi

I got a chance to catch up with Max Katz, Developer Relations, of tiggzi this morning at Mobile World Congress. tiggzi is a mobile application development platform that is hosted in the cloud (Amazon Web Services). tiggzi started off as a prototyping tool. What the team quickly realized is that this cool drag and drop prototyping tool could be extended to actually wire up the controls to RESTful web services as well. This, coupled with a very clean and efficient UI, has evolved into a very powerful productivity tool for mobile app developers. Katz related that their target user is the “citizen developer”.  Though the tool is primarily a drag and drop experience developers can still add custom java script to their application. tiggzi can leverage publicly published RESTful web services or those created through back-end services such as Parse. What is most intriguing to those of us who create mobile apps is the speed at which apps can be up and running. Below are a few shots of the UI to give you a sense of how cleanly it is laid out. tiggzi has a free version for a single app – definitely worth checking out.





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VMware Assembling a Complete Picture for Enterprise Mobility Management – MWC12

imageI want to give you a sneak peek into my conversation with Ben Goodman, Lead Evangelist for VMware horizon. VMWare has some exciting stuff going on in the area of MDM (Mobile Device Management), MAM (Mobile Application Management), and MIM (Mobile Information Management). This is a topic that I know many of you are very interested in, so I will devote some longer pieces to it – post Mobile World Congress 2012 – because it is worth going into detail on. So here is a taste. Goodman, working in conjunction with his team at VMware, is approaching the issue of Enterprise Mobility Management with a broad and visionary approach. It is visionary in the sense that they understand that the end game for managing enterprise mobility, from and IT perspective, requires not only device and app management, but also people/information management. Goodman relayed how VMware’s Horizon application provides users a seamless experience on different platforms (mobile, pc, laptops, etc.). Users are able have one log in and one place to go on any platform for all business application access and content. Couple this with VMware’s products that provide the ability to perform device and app management and you have a very complete enterprise mobility management platform. Look for lots more on this in the weeks to come. (Thanks for Brian Katz for the introduction!)

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appMobi For the Enterprise MWC12

I had a great conversation with Joe Monastiero,  VP of Business Development at appMobi. Many of you may already be familiar with appMobi – the cloud platform for app development. Their platform delivers an integrated development, deployment, and payment solution to all the major app markets and devices. One thing you probably don’t know is that this platform can be leveraged for your enterprise app needs as well. appMobi is beginning to provide a model for larger enterprises to white label their solution to a separate private cloud environment. Hosted on Amazon Web Services appMobi will keep these one-off deployments up to the latest version as well. Regardless if you negotiate a enterprise license or not you can always use their public version for you app dev needs.


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TouchPal Improves Typing Speed and Productivity – MWC12

I caught up with the folks from TouchPal at Mobile World Congress. This free keyboard app for iPhone and Android has a pretty slick predictive engine that improves upon standard typing and Swype style typing. For example with Swype you have to complete the entire pattern for the word to show up. This is a pain for long words. With TouchPal it will predict the word a few characters in. Another example of improved speed is TouchPal also predicts the most common words that follow the one you just typed. Give it a try and let me know if you see productivity gains.



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Mobile Productivity from MWC12 with the Samsung Galaxy Beam

Got a chance to test out the new Samsung Galaxy Beam this AM. Not only is it a phone, but it also has a built-in 15 lumens projector. This device is slick. Not to mention that it is totally in-line with my penchant for mobile-only.


Samsung also includes a slide display app that would allow you to use the device to show your PowerPoint slides in a meeting. The app allows for on screen annotations as well.



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remotelyMOBILE Live at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona – Sneak Peek

Just to whet your whistle – Look for lots more all this week!


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Mobile Application Management – Enabling the Enterprise

Cimarron BuserThis is the second half of my interview with Cimarron Buser, VP of Business Development at Apperian. In the first post we looked at how Buser views the user experience as central to Apperian’s approach to BYOD. Today we’ll focus on how Buser and Apperian are turning that user-centric focus into a whole new level of enterprise engagement.

To understand how Buser views client engagements you must first understand Apperian’s history as a company. Apperian was founded in 2009 by Chuck Goldman, who was at the time an executive working at Apple. Goldman was part of the in-house group that built apps for iOS. With the blessing of Apple, Goldman initially started Apperian as a professional services company that took their app building experience and leveraged it to create business to consumer apps. This B2C mobile development experience lead to building in-house apps for companies as well. This close proximity to internal processes provided Apperian key insights into the challenges companies were experiencing managing the app life-cycle. In an effort to solve this problem Apperian created EASE, their platform that allows businesses to create, deploy, and manage mobile apps. All that time in the trenches of in-house app development created not only an app management platform for Apperian but a holistic model for Mobile Application Management (MAM).

I asked Buser if he views Apperian as a MAM vendor. “Yes, we are in the Mobile Application Management space, but we really like to think of it as Enterprise Application Enablement.” For Buser, apps aren’t just an end-product to be managed, but rather a value proposition that needs to be understood from start to finish.  Buser relayed that Enterprise Application Enablement includes “how you enable companies to build and produce apps easily”. This focus on enabling enterprise coupled with the user-centric perspective (discussed in the first post) allows Apperian to deliver long-term value for their clients

MAM Insight – Enabling users and enterprises is a winning combo.

So what does Enterprise Application Enablement look like in practice? For Buser this means working with companies to answer key questions such as “how do companies decide what apps to build and who is going to need access?” Apperian’s practical experience lends itself very nicely to this sort of discovery. “We are able to offer assistance and guidance on app development as well as share pain points,” Buser noted.

MAM Insight – Besides key functionality, can your partners offer strategic guidance?

We ended our conversation discussing Buser’s thoughts on how companies should evaluate and distinguish between MAM platforms. Buser stated “you have to just try the product out.”  He explained how easy to use their platform is. “Everyone says their platform is easy to use, but easy to use is more than a checkbox.”  Buser wisely pointed out that app feature checklists have some real shortcomings in product evaluations. “It isn’t what you can do, it is the way you can do it,” he exclaimed, “our platform is known for its ease of use.” Apperian’s history and perspective certainly give them the foundation required to deliver upon that claim.

MAM Insight – Look beyond the feature checklist – ask yourself, how easy is it to use this platform?


ApperianApperian is a mobile application management (MAM) company. The Apperian EASE platform delivers enterprise mobility services that today enable many of the world’s largest corporations to securely deploy and manage mobile apps for iOS and Android. Apperian is empowering the liberated enterprise to support the BYOD revolution.To learn more visit   

Benjamin Robbins is one of the founders of AdminBridge – providing IT Administration from mobile devices. For more information visit

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