Symantec – Delivering the ‘Easy Button’ of Mobile App Management

As organizations mature in the mobile space and realize that they need more than the bludgeon of device management, they begin to look at more refined solutions of app and information management. A distant cousin to device management, but functionally more refined, app management allows organizations to control the portals to corporate information; mobile apps. Today at MobileCON 2012 , Symantec is making announcements that further remove barriers for enterprises and mobile app developers to develop, deploy, and support mobile app management. These announcements will continue to enhance Symantec’s position as a mobile app management leader.

The first announcement is Symantec is rebranding Nukona App Center to Symantec App Center Ready. (If you are unfamiliar with the Nukona solution, check out the three part interview I conducted pre-acquisition with then CEO, Chris Perret of Nukona; Part I , Part II ,and Part III.) Symantec App Center Ready allows app developers the ability to add enterprise security without any source code changes. This is a massive advantage in enabling a hassle –free security solution. Symantec App Center Ready provides app developers global visibility of their efforts, while at the same time assuring enterprises a secure context. This rebranding will take effect immediately.

Second, Symantec is creating a way for partners in their ecosystem to gain recognition as a mobile solutions provider. Symantec announced the Mobility Solution Specialization for partners. This will provide partners with training, marketing, and funds to deliver trusted mobile solutions. This partner specialization will be multi-tier (gold, silver, bronze) giving partners a way to distinguish themselves in the marketplace. The Mobility Solution Specialization will be available for partners in Q4 of this year.

Lastly, Symantec is helping enterprises remove the confusion of purchasing decisions around enterprise mobility management. Instead of organizations needing to choose between device or app management, enterprises will now be able to have a single, comprehensive security solution for the device, app, and data layers. Called the Mobile Management Suite, Symantec will offer a single package that will deliver all those mobile management pieces under a single license. The Mobile Management Suite license will be on a per user basis rather than per device. This will mean huge savings as mobile devices per user, such as a tablet and smartphone, grows. Symantec will offer the Mobile Management Suite starting now for $122 MSRP per user per year.

Enterprise mobile initiatives, such as BYOD, are quickly driving organization to identify and implement refined approaches to mobility management. End users are no longer content with the draconian and heavy-handed device management approach to security. In this more civilized age, organizations that can find an easy and adaptable path to a secure environment will flourish. Symantec is providing the means for developers and IT to quickly and easily deliver that refined experience to the enterprise for the secure environment of the future.



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2 responses to “Symantec – Delivering the ‘Easy Button’ of Mobile App Management

  1. Mobile_Walt

    Crucial to Symantec’s success in EMM is seamless integration of features. The Mobile Management Suite is a huge step in the right direction!

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