Sybase 365 – The Untold Story of the Mobile Global Connector

Have you ever considered what happens when you send a text message from your phone on the AT&T network to a friend of yours whose carrier happens to be Verizon? Did you know there is no direct link between carriers? Unbeknownst to you, your text message to your friend was made possible by passing through Sybase 365 on its journey. And it’s not just your message – working with over 900 carriers globally, Sybase 365 processes over 1.8 billion messages a day.  “We have the hub that everyone connects to,” John Sims, president of Sybase 365, told me when we sat down together at SAPPHIRE NOW. Sybase 365, the unsung hero of mobile communications, has a great story in the mobile revolution that demands to be told.

Cross-carrier text messaging is just one aspect of the capabilities of Sybase 365. Sybase 365 is a secure, highly scalable communication platform. Sybase 365 has globally distributed hubs that enable apps and services to pass data back and forth. The platform’s global footprint and redundancy enable some of the most highly transactional apps and services to function in a reliable fashion. Sybase 365 allows companies to develop their apps and services without having to worry about building and maintaining a globally distributed communication platform. This is having a very positive effect and global impact.

One fantastic example of the positive effect of Sybase 365’s global impact is how it is propelling emerging countries into mobility leaders. Before this present mobile revolution, many countries had little to no communications infrastructure and PC install base. But the relative ease of enabling mobile infrastructure and phone hardware costs, are leveling the computing playing field. Sims noted that, “In the international market, they have been more aggressive in their approach to mobility. Mobile was the only option they had.” This has led to some very positive and advanced benefits. Since there hasn’t been the same proliferation of PCs, other countries have enthusiastically embraced enabling mobility. “In some regards, the ‘underdeveloped’ are more developed than we [the United States] are in terms of capabilities,” Sims mused. And it is Sybase 365 that is right in the middle of it all, making it possible. Enabling not only text communication but advanced functionality in such areas as banking. For the under banked population of the world, the impact is enormous. Sybase 365 is acting as a key component in the democratization of technology.

From its roots as a mobile text messaging service, Sims related how the organization has branched out into enabling communication between mobile commerce and banking. Many companies such as CIBC and Citizens bank leverage Sybase 365 as a back-end partner in their mobile banking solutions.  But Sims has a grander vision for the capabilities of the Sybase 365 platform. “Until recently we focused primarily on mobile operators, mobile banking, and mobile payments. We are starting to look at other industries. For example, we are extending into utilities and consumer packaged goods. We want to provide scenarios for them that make sense. We want to be instrumental in changing the way those companies do business.”

Ease of execution is one way that Sybase 365 enables scenarios outside of their historical capabilities. “Companies are going through major transformation. We are going to provide mobile tools to help customers solve the problems that arise because of this transition.” Sims told me that Sybase 365 is opening the platform for integration with PhoneGap, Appcellerator, etc. “Developers who are familiar with those tools will quickly be productive in those environments. We are exposing all our capabilities as web services.” This will make the platform very easy to integrate with and develop more advanced apps and services.

When it comes to looking at how mobility is affecting the enterprise, Sims believes that Sybase 365 will help make many scenarios a reality.  We discussed many scenarios where Sims believes that Sybase 365 could be instrumental. From enabling self-service support, to loyalty apps, to location based commerce experiences. Sims noted, “Initially we just helped clients provide information, then simple transactions, which led to more complex transactions. Now we are looking at engagement possibilities and cross-selling.” No matter what fantastical possibilities companies dream up in the future, Sybase 365 is well positioned to continue to be the tie that binds mobile communications together.

Benjamin Robbins is a Principal at Palador, a consulting firm that focuses on providing strategic guidance to enterprises in the areas of mobile strategy, policy, apps, and data. You can follow him on Twitter or connect on LinkedIn.


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