Turn Data into Answers with SAP Visual Intelligence

SAP today announced the release of Visual Intelligence, a tool that allows users to visualize and analyze information and then apply it to individual and group decision-making. Visual Intelligence is powered by the SAP HANA platform and empowers users to perform data discovery. An extension of the BusinessObjects Explorer application, SAP Visual Intelligence help users create sleek interactive visualizations giving organization the ability to ask questions of their data sets without the need for predefined queries, reports or dashboards.

“The category of visual data discovery has become a must-have component of the BI tool portfolio and SAP has upped its capabilities with its latest product, SAP Visual Intelligence,” said Cindi Howson, founder, BI Scorecard. “Ease of use, time to insight and business agility are key reasons for the rapid growth of visual data discovery that provides users with greater self service with minimal IT support. SAP BusinessObjects Explorer provided ease of use, but the release of SAP Visual Intelligence brings greater flexibility and richer analysis.”

SAP Visual Intelligence enables ad-hoc discovery on many different types of data sources from spreadsheets to sales, finance, marketing, customer, social, geo-location, third-party and other business data. Best of all, published reports are immediately consumable on a mobile device, such as an iPad, using BusinessObjects Explorer.

“SAP Visual Intelligence revolutionizes decision-making by offering every person in an organization a fast and extremely easy way of discovering answers from any data,” said John Schweitzer, senior vice president and general manager, Analytics, SAP. “SAP solutions for analytics empower people with precise information anytime and anywhere using beautiful visualizations, enabling rapid response to events as they unfold. SAP delivers a powerful and comprehensive analytics portfolio that helps companies adapt to constant change so they can achieve remarkable results.”


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