Parallels Mobile Now Supports iPad’s Retina Display

Today Parallels Mobile launched an update that provides support for the new iPad’s brilliantly sharp Retina Display.  Used in conjunction with Parallels Desktop 7 for Mac, the Parallels Mobile app for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch enables users to remotely access and run their Macs and all of the operating systems, applications and files they need right from their iOS mobile device – and now with support for Retina Display, new iPad users can do all this without sacrificing image quality.

Parallels Mobile empowers users to easily perform tasks that were previously unavailable or difficult on iPad/iPhone such as printing, viewing Flash-based websites with sound and full use of Windows-based productivity applications like Outlook and Quicken. Want to make the world your home office? Do it with Parallels Mobile. And don’t just take our word for it – see below for a list of quotes from our customers that testify to Parallels Mobile’s various uses.

The Parallels Mobile user interface and icons were re-created in high-resolution 264 ppi to be as brilliantly sharp as the new iPad Retina Display for the best user experience. Operating systems, applications, files and images on the remote Mac and its virtual machines are more brilliant than ever on the iPad Retina Display when your Mac/virtual machine resolution is set higher than 1024×786 (up to 2048-by-1536-pixel resolution or 264 ppi).

Additional features included in this update are:

  • Improved login experience:
  • International keyboard support for the Mac host and its Windows virtual machines in all languages supported by Apple’s iOS

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