Good Technology – Securing the Enterprise App Ecosystem

Suzanne DicksonWhat can an enterprise do once there is the realization that mobile security is more than just managing devices? This was the topic at hand in my discussion with Suzanne Dickson, VP of Product Marketing, of Good Technology at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Dickson and the people at Good Technology know a thing or two about enterprise mobile security. Good Technology’s services are used by major organizations, including 50 of the Fortune 100 as well as enterprise customers in 90+ countries operating on over 200 carriers. This has provided them the opportunity to gain a lot of insight into enterprise mobile requirements.

“The market is still very early in understanding the potential security threats,” Dickson stated. “A lot of security issues are done by users losing data inadvertently,” she continued. Dickson acknowledged that this can happen simply because users share data from the device that they are not supposed to. Dickson went on to state that “there is a misconception out there that if I have device management then my data is safe.” Enterprises are slowly moving away from this line-of-thinking and Good Technology believes it is positioned well to be able to help them respond to the much broader threat landscape.

So what does this broader threat landscape look like; where are the additional security gaps that need to be plugged? Dickson believes that part of their job is educating customers about these threats. One area is through the applications itself. “With application development, you could develop an app and rely on traditional VPN for data security,” Dickson said. But she doesn’t view that as a robust solution. “Companies may think they are safe until an [security] event happens – this is a big disconnect.”

But Good Technology is working closely with customers and partners to stay ahead of this event. One particular area, Information Management, is where Dickson feels they are on solid ground is with their Good Dynamics product. Good Dynamics is a mobile application platform for developing secure applications. Good Dynamics-enabled mobile applications are wrapped in a secure container. This enables clean separation between enterprise data and employees’ data on their mobile devices.  Managing the information is a key component to the future of enterprise mobility for Dickson.  “Information management is where it gets exciting. It doesn’t matter where the data is, whether your phone or desktop,” she said. “How you secure the data regardless is what gives you the flexibility to have that data located anywhere.”

With Good Dynamics securing enterprise data is done through partnerships. By partnering with apps and services such as Box, Quickoffice, and Roambi, Good Technology is able to assure customers end-to-end control of their valuable assets. And as with many trends in mobility this is being driven by the consumer. “We are hearing from partners that clients are telling them they can’t use their app until it is secure,” she recounted. This consumer/client driven approach is also pushing Good’s product roadmap as well. As Dickson said “part of the benefit that we have of working with early adopters is that they are pushing us to new directions and capabilities, especially on a global level.”  This insight is a key strategic advantage not only for Good Technology but also as something that is passed on to their clients. “Our fundamental promise and focus is on security. We believe a lot of the growth [in the enterprise] is in the number of applications and we want to allow people to build those applications securely and cost effectively.”

About Good Technology

Good Technology combines award-winning enterprise-grade mobile security and control with an exceptional user experience, allowing enterprise and government employees to connect, communicate, and collaborate on iPads™, iPhones®, Android™, Windows Phone and other leading smartphone platforms. Good opens new possibilities for maximizing business and personal productivity by providing secure, easy-to-use, and instant mobile access to email, collaboration, application, document editing and device management capabilities on iOS and Android devices. Good also enables secure mobile application and secure, custom social media platform development. Discover more at


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