Parallels Desktop brings PC Productivity to the Mac

I caught up with Kim Johnston, VP of Marketing, for Parallels Desktop at CITE. Parallels has a virtualization technology that allows users the ability to run a virtualized Windows PC (and others platforms such as Linux) on the Mac OS. Users are able to select a pre-configured template OS or roll their own. Parallels even supports the Windows 8 preview. The usability of Parallels Desktop is VERY seamless to the Mac experience. Compared to other desktop virtualization experiences, that run either a completely separate experience or are running a remote desktop window, Parallels Desktop allows users to run the virtual environment as either a full screen app, just another ‘window’, or – best of all – as the app itself without any of the operating system environment. Very slick. Apps can be launched directly from the dock on the desktop. Here is a screenshot of this Coherence view:


Parallels couldn’t offer this functionality at a more opportune time. Macs in the enterprise are on the rise and are now, because of the BYOD movement, an acceptable alternative to the traditional PC. Parallels Desktop offers a very powerful solution for companies looking for the ability to leverage the stack of already approved applications on OS’s besides Microsoft Windows. This is good news for companies that have spent time and resources validating corporate applications. Johnston related that, to date, they have helped enable over 10,000 applications through their solution. This is all done on existing infrastructure as the virtualized OS runs locally. Johnston pointed out Parallels “gives IT the opportunity to say YES!” As we all know, IT can use a little of that now and again. Check them out at:


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