Mobile Productivity – Access Your PC/Mac Files From Your Phone with Pocket Cloud Explore

Ever been out and about and suddenly realize you need a file on your Mac or PC. Pocket Cloud Explore from Wyse can help you out. I got a chance to speak with Rick Cook and Evren Bingol, some of the lead engineers of the product, in the Google booth (I’m not sure you can call it just a ‘booth’ with its slide and smoothie bar) at Mobile World Congress. Pocket Cloud Explore allow users to interact with the file system between their SmartPhone (iPhone and Android) and their desktop or servers (PC or Mac). You install an agent on the machine(s) and and download the app and you are off and running. You can also send a link to share files with others. There is also a Cloud Bin feature that allows you to store and access files in the cloud. A very cool feature that will be available in an upcoming release is the ability to stream audio and video directly from the PC or Mac to your Phone. There is no release date yet on that feature but in the meantime download the free version and give it a try. Thanks Rick and Evren for the tour!







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