BYOD – Fall In Love with IT All Over Again

Chris PerretI originally intended to have my discussion with Chris Perret, CEO of Nukona, only be a two part series. However, based upon the overwhelmingly positive feedback of Part I and Part II, it seemed almost criminal to move on to another topic without first getting his thoughts on the future. Fortunately, I was able to grab some more of Chris’ time for a follow-up discussion. I (and by your feedback many of you as well) was really interested to hear his take on what’s to come in a world of devices in the enterprise. I was anxious to skip the conversation ahead 10 years into the future but Chris first fittingly fashioned a starting point of ‘why’ as the beginning of our conversation of peering over the horizon.

“Why does mobility matter? Why does this notion of app-centric computing matter?” he started off. “The reason we love these devices, besides being elegant and beautiful pieces of engineering, is that it takes little to no effort to find an app to do what I want to do.” For Perret, mobility ultimately matters because of the efficiency and shared cost of services it can provide. He equates this “crowdsourcing of productivity” with mobility’s importance in the future of the enterprise. “Instead of starting from scratch to create an app that may only be useful to me and my organization I can now spend a few thousand for an entire ecosystem.” This, he also added, requires little to no training and allows for frictionless updates. Perret views this model as an irreversible trend. ‘Crowdsourcing for productivity’ will ultimately reduce the cost per user.  He believes there will still be app customization developed for line of business data and processes but it will be less than we see today in the enterprise.

BYOD Insight – Mobility matters in the long run because of the cost savings through ‘crowdsourcing productivity’.

Perret thinks that there is “an app for IT” (yes that is a play on words) that will emerge once the mobile ecosystem congeals and arrives at a point where people can find an app for anything they want to do. These enterprise apps will be delivered and managed through “an incredible app marketplace where further efficiencies will occur.” With apps that feature rich graphics, a new generation of workers will have apps they love and the ability to process data easier and faster.  As well, just as when the PC entered the workplace and it took some time to see the cost advantages, the same will be true in the mobile space. However, Perret says they are already seeing efficiencies with their “app for IT”. One of their larger enterprise customers leverages their enterprise marketplace for an intra-company competition, where the best apps compete for distribution. Development groups eagerly try to create the most efficient, best app for the company. Perret sees this as a win-win model for the future for business and IT. Perret states that “in the future, IT may not even be involved or responsible for app customization as different groups produce the apps required to do their job.”

BYOD Insight – The enterprise marketplace can be leveraged to bring continued incremental value.

When it comes to ITs future role in the company Perret has a very opportunistic outlook. “There was a period in time when IT was sexy, they had the coolest gadgets. However, in the last 10 years we have seen IT viewed as a cost-center and not critical to the line-of-business success.” Perret anticipates that a new golden age is approaching where IT has a chance to impact to the line-of-business by its willingness and ability. He envisions the problems to come as quite challenging. “IT is not going to be able to get by through performing simple checklists,” he stated. “The challenge is going to be figuring out how to make an app-centric world work for their respective communities.” Perret believes that IT is going to be an active partner again with line of business helping figure out ways to out-compete other organizations. “Dr. No (IT’s recent stereotype) isn’t going away, IT will still need to be thinking about security and compliance, but at the same time it is going to be fun – it’s going to be a blast!”

BYOD Insight – In the future, IT moves from being a cost-center to being a part of the critical-path to success!

Next we touched upon devices and what he sees in store for them. “I suspect there will be a new form of virtualization; virtualization of apps, platforms, and presence.” Perret thinks we need to get to where we have a virtual presence rather than a physical presence. This virtual presence will be “manifested on whatever ‘glass’ you are using at the moment.” Perret reasons that this presence, or persona, will be ubiquitous. “Picking up and putting down the ‘glass’ from one location to next – all the while maintaining your work persona, your personal persona, and perhaps other personals.” For Perret, it is critical that IT have the tools and services to manage these personas and the data they have access to. “It’s going to require more horsepower on the server-side, sophisticated information management, sophisticated security management, more data compression, and much better power management across the board for all devices.”

BYOD Insight – In the mobile future your ‘presence’ will proliferate from ‘glass’ to ‘glass’.

The future is never certain and Chris was careful to point out several times that his crystal ball is hazy for things further than 3 to 4 years out. Whatever hesitation he may have projecting the future, he more than overcomes with excitement and zeal that Nukona is “just starting to push the boundaries in mobility.” If the present vision is any indication, Nukona will surely help give enterprise a reason to love IT again!



NukonaAbout Nukona – Nukona has designed a unique enterprise-grade mobile management solution that delivers an outstanding, intuitive consumer-like app store user experience for employees, while also providing the level of management, control and security that IT requires to support data loss prevention and compliance on both personal and corporate devices. To learn more visit


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