BYOD – You Are What You Manage

Chris PerretThis is the second half of my discussion with Nukona CEO, Chris Perret. In Part 1 we explored some of the fundamental BYOD concerns that CIOs and IT departments should have on their radar. Today we’ll be looking at how Perret envisions responding to these concerns.

Theft, device insecurity, poorly developed apps, corporate data accessibility – these are but a few of the realities that IT departments will have to face when travelling down the BYOD road. Perret and the team at Nukona solved for a common denominator that will function as threats arise at different points in the device life-cycle. The solution they came up with, termed ‘separation architecture’, wraps enterprise designated apps in a container governed by defined policies.  Perret stated that with Nukona “apps are distributed and run on user’s device under the context of a secure policy container, almost a spacesuit if you will.” This container is subject to the controls of the organization that can be applied and modified on-the-fly. Separation architecture creates a division between personal and corporate data. “This allows IT administrators the ability to wipe out all corporate data without touching any personal data,” he explained.  In Perret’s mind this is a big plus because devices are a direct conduit to one of the enterprise’s most valuable assets, its data. With separation architecture, policy can be dynamically applied – the security logic of an app isn’t baked into the app, rather it is enforced by the container that the app is distributed and runs under. Policies can be defined based on parameters such as business group, job function, or geography. Lastly, Nukona’s separation architecture also allows users a fully native experience on the device, rather than a limited-use experience. Perret thinks that “we shouldn’t force users to have a painful experience in deployment and administration of security; it should be as seamless and easy as possible.” Perret stated that Nukona is “the only company offering separation architecture.”

BYOD Insight – Just as life outside the atmosphere is a hostile environment to astronauts – enterprise data access needs a spacesuit for the hostile environment of BYOD.

Perret also noted that “app distribution is just a part of the problem. The functionality of the app has to be mitigated as well.” App integration is so pervasive that at a touch of a button information can be shared from one app to another. The popular app Evernote is a perfect example of this. While Evernote is a fantastic productivity app, it can pose a tangible risk to enterprise data security as it is almost effortless to share data with it from other apps on the device. Perret pointed out that Nukona can “block sharing documents through apps like Evernote if the policy is configured by IT.” Aside from sharing information between apps, Perret pointed out that there is a security vulnerability of data saved locally on the device as well. Nukona solves for this by blocking that functionality through the policy if so desired. Lastly, Perret’s view is that encryption is such a critical piece of a secure enterprise deployment that all local data is encrypted at the container layer by Nukona instead of relying on the device capabilities.

BYOD Insight – Direct access to your enterprise data by apps isn’t your only exposure – make sure your management solution closes the ‘social-sharing loophole’.

When it comes to carving out their niche in the consumerization of IT space Perret thinks that Nukona is defined by mobile app and information management. “It’s all about the information; that is what is important.”  Perret views device management as a limited first step. The ultimate solution, according to  Perret, is managing at the application level because that is the functionality that is not only accessing the data, but has functionality to easily capture and share that data. By managing the app you effectively manage the information. For Perret, you then have successfully managed your risk.

BYOD Insight – You are what you manage – managing devices is not the same thing as managing data.

NukonaAbout Nukona – Nukona has designed a unique enterprise-grade mobile management solution that delivers an outstanding, intuitive consumer-like app store user experience for employees, while also providing the level of management, control and security that IT requires to support data loss prevention and compliance on both personal and corporate devices. To learn more visit


Benjamin Robbins is one of the founders of AdminBridge – providing IT Administration from mobile devices. For more information visit



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